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The Weather Underground put together their shared passion for guitar-driven alternative rock'n'roll in the late 00's and very soon they put their minds in performing live as much as possible. "The Sad Story of the Weather Underground", the band's debut album, was recorded in the early 10's at the Royal Alzheimer Hall studios in Thessaloniki. It was mixed and produced by Christos Charbilas and Titos Kargiotakis (Tripes, Xilina Spathia) and ultimately released in 2012.

The band went on a hiatus from 2014 to 2016 as some members lived abroad during this time. Upon their return in 2017, the band began work on new material and performed live in various Greek cities.

"The Recurring Trip of the Weather Underground", the band's sophomore album, was released in 2023. The album was recorded at Urban Studios in Athens and it was mixed and produced by the band's longtime sound engineer Charalambos Pitsinis and mastered by GeorgieBoy. Following a rather unique artwork approach, the band brought together different artists and painters to work on the album's cover and videos.

You can listen to "the Recurring Trip" using different streaming services or order a hard copy from Bandcamp. Have a look on the album teaser below.

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